Episode 3: Johanna Stamps, Positive Doing Coach

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Wonderfully Made TV

Episode 3: Johanna Stamps, Positive Doing Coach

Visit Johanna Stamps at her website, PositiveDoingCoach.com!

Johanna Stamps is a writer, author, and coach

She is a featured contributor on Catholic Mom and Her View From Home.  She helps people find joy, hope, and inspiration in the midst of difficult times by helping them deepen their faith, engage with their sense of purpose, regain their passions, and be more present to serve those they love.  Johanna spent 20 years working with entrepreneurs and business leaders in the US and Africa, helping to make their visions come to life.  This materialized in the form of national and international literacy initiatives, mobile medical programs in Southern Africa, and groundbreaking business culture initiatives. For years, Johanna followed the opportunities for adventure, but in 2019 the adventure came to her in the form of a beautiful baby boy.  Johanna is mom to baby Julian who is already practicing to perform Beethoven’s piano concerto No. 5–in 2030.  Each morning, as they go out for their morning hike, they make it a habit to pray to encounter beauty– and usually experience it in abundance.

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