Episode 2: Sonja Corbitt, Catholic Evangelista

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Wonderfully Made TV

Episode 2: Sonja Corbitt, Catholic Evangelista

Visit Sonja’s Website, Bible Study Evangelista! 

Listen to Sonja’s Podcast, Love the Word!

Read her new book, Just Rest!

Sonja Corbitt is the Bible Study Evangelista and creator of the LOVE the Word® Bible study method–and journal, called “the best modernization of lectio” by the Associate Publisher of Thomas Nelson Publishing. A best-selling author and Telly Award-winning broadcaster, Sonja’s weekly radio and television shows, as well as a variety of other unique approaches to Scripture, create space for busy Christians to hear and experience God though the scriptures. Through her Bible studies and books, one-on-one consultations, pilgrimages, retreats, television and radio shows, Sonja uses Scripture and a healing charism to lead others to deeper rest and healing. Her newest book, Just Rest is available from Ave Maria Press. 

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