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Lisa Mladinich

Lisa Mladinich, PCC
ICF-Certified Professional Life Coach
Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach
Instructor, Professional Christian Coaching Institute

Once again, my friend, welcome to Wonderfully Made!

I’ve got a couple of quick questions for you:

  1. How would you like to rapidly identify and develop your gifts and talents, experience greater peace and freedom, and thrive in every aspect of your life—like never before?
  2. How about being totally confident that you are living God’s design for your life and creating maximum impact in your relationships and work?

Wouldn’t we all?

Click through for an example of a client of mine, the inspiring Grief Coach, Johanna Stamps, who harnessed her newfound strengths-awareness with great courage and transformed her life. I’m deeply proud of the way she still pays it forward every day into the lives of others! 

But the sad fact is that many who strive daily to love and serve the Lord are secretly struggling with frustration and feeling stuck, in spite of their best efforts.

This may shock you, but many fine Catholics are so overwhelmed and frustrated, they secretly doubt God’s personal love for them.

In fact, some feel overlooked or randomly made, instead of “wonderfully made” (Ps 139:14).

Confused about what it means to live the great virtue of humility, some even feel they are doomed to accept a low bar on their fulfillment, wondering if their life just isn’t meant to be anything great.

I used to feel that way myself.

But then I discovered my natural strengths as a pathway to greater intimacy with God, clarity of purpose, and greater excitement and fulfillment than I had ever known before.

And now my many clients are having exciting breakthroughs!

One lovely Catholic couple told me, “We’ve made more progress in our marriage in the last two months than we have in the last ten years!”

A highly-regarded diocesan Youth Ministry leader told me after three sessions, “I am confident for the first time!”

And so many others have said they feel closer to God, filled with hope, and are busting through obstacles that seemed immovable just a short time ago.

Truly, this work can help you feel more authentically you than you may have felt in a long time.

Further, it’s a ton of fun and can bring you closer to God and to His divine will for your life!

But who am I to make such wild claims?

I’m Lisa Mladinich, and I’m a Catholic wife and mom, first and foremost.

You may already know me as an award-winning author and speaker in the Catholic space. I’ve appeared on EWTN, Relevant Radio, and many other Catholic TV and radio programs around the country.

I’m also a professional life coach certified by the International Coaching Federation and a CliftonStrengths® coach certified by the Gallup corporation.

No, I am definitely NOT one of the many uncertified, unprofessional coaches that seem to be proliferating around the world, using new-age modalities and pushing their clients to “design the perfect life” and live a self-indulgent, materialistic existence.

As a Catholic coach dedicated to helping the Church become that “city on a hill” that Christ calls us to be, I’m ready to help you to thrive like never before in ways that please God and help save the world.


I want more than anything to help you draw closer to God, to each other, and to your most precious dreams, for the glory of God and your greatest joy.

So why not find out more?

Set up a complimentary phone or Zoom session right now, and let’s have a fun, relaxed conversation about you and the holy desires of your heart.

I can’t wait to meet you!

What My Clients Say

Johanna Stamps
Positive Doing

Deanna Bartalini
Author and Retreat Leader

“I started coaching with Lisa as I left my 9-5 career to pursue my dream of writing. Lisa patiently worked with me through the hurdles I faced as I developed my skills and new path forward. She listened deeply, encouraged me enthusiastically, and continues to generously support me now that I am actually writing and speaking professionally. Lisa has been an integral part of my growth and success!”

Julieanne Bartlett

Writer, Speaker

“Lisa Mladinich is blessed with a natural talent for coaching. She has coached catechists for over a decade, and now she has expanded her repertoire to coaching leaders. In just three sessions, we broke down the barriers preventing me from achieving my goals at work and at my parish. I couldn’t believe I could achieve such great results so quickly. I highly recommend her. Lisa is awesome!”

Mary Wuertz von Holt
Formerly Director of Sales, Marketing, and Product Development, Liguori Publications
Now Director of Sales Support, Bayard, Inc.

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Set up a complimentary phone or Zoom session right now, and let’s have a fun, relaxed conversation about you and the holy desires of your heart. I can’t wait to meet you!

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